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Audition technique coaching london

Audition Technique

I know the challenges of the audition and how crucial they are for getting work.  As the tenor Jonas Kaufman  remarked ‘You would not ask a footballer to kick a ball around by himself, you need to see him play a game to judge’.  It’s the same for singers, ideally you need to see them in action with other performers, but in the current professional music world this is rarely possible.  So it’s vital that you master how to audition and present yourself in the best light both vocally and visually. 


As an Artistic Director I have auditioned many singers and observed how they can come across.  It is a delicate balance between being too retiring, too confident, wearing the wrong or right clothes, what repertoire best shows you off and not presenting a pianist with something too challenging which could put you off.  A lot of these elements might sound obvious, but from experience I have noted how wrong singers can get them.  





Picture: The Marin Drzic Theatre in Dubrovnik

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